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Bahan Untuk Membuat Bubur Sumsum Dengan Santan

25/10/2015 21:12
Bahan Untuk Membuat Bubur Sumsum Dengan Santan - Beans or maybe some people know beans are one type of vegetable that is very nice to be integrated with any beans is usually a food menu when a celebration or a bite to eat large, because the beans is very delicious when used as preparations for the food menu.
These beans are usually used as menu too companion when resep bubur sumsum spesial we provide steak meat, as fresh vegetables or sayuranya only. Processed vegetable beans is very well suited when presented as a daily recipe you, because in addition to its delicious taste that dihadirkanya olahanya is also very easy, especially if beans plus it has some vitamins and benefits for tubuk who consume them, such as lowering blood pressure.
For this time the beans processed to be made with resep bakwan jagung manis a mixture of other materials such as tauco which will then be presented with a savory spicy flavor, so olahanya fits perfectly with your tongue. Therefore please cah chickpeas serve as your daily menu, as well as your special menu. For recipe and do as follows.

Tips Membut Roti Goreng Supaya Empuk

25/10/2015 07:03
Tips Membut Roti Goreng Supaya Empuk - Ever hear the name of the food colenak yet, kind of processed food was very good for snacks while relaxing or being assembled together with other families. Usually these foods are also sold many dipedagang-pitchman or souvenirs at the center of Bandung area, because this food is one type of processing that is generated by the creation of the people of the Sunda region.
Food is the main material in cassava is baked and then dipped into resep pizza sederhana the sauce of brown sugar that has been processed is also the most delicious recipes, so the food is known with the name or abbreviation of colenak dipped in delicious food. Cocol itself means dicoelkan taken from Sundanese language, which then said it was delicious expression after mencoel this food so be the name of the food was very unique.
Not just unique name but it's also very unique, because unlike with resep roti goreng coklat snacks in general, if you do not believe it will be a pleasure and delicacies this please try to make, to how and panduanya you can see here.
Prepare teflon or griddle to bake cassava that had been so, then revert colored tape occasionally until slightly browned, remove and set aside
To make the sauce directly cocolnya please provide a pan to cook the coconut milk, brown sugar slices, and also the pandan leaves, stir all ingredients until cooked
Add a little salt added to processed cocol sauce, wait until boiling and processed sounds small explosion, stirring constantly, until fragrant
When it boils, Masuka grated coconut into the prepared pan, and stir again until thick
Well now you just pour the sauce cocol which has become a serving dish or small bowl, then save at the edge of the tape cassava sauce
Colenak ready to be enjoyed.

Bahan Bumbu Pedas Untuk Cimol

25/10/2015 06:47
Bahan Bumbu Pedas Untuk Cimol - Early in the morning delicious healthy fresh tasting ya think, what if you make a drink soymilk as will be discussed here. Making course materials from pure soybeans are cleaned terlebihdulu then added with a few other ingredients to be a drink that was really fresh and healthy as well. These drinks can be enjoyed with several types and of course taste, if you want to present drink soymilk cold you can add ice, or perhaps want to drink soymilk warm you can also panaska, just drinks is still good even though it was served in any way, and to a matter of taste then you can add your own.
Soymilk beverage is already sold in the market resep cimol many who sell these drinks, because in addition to delicious this drink contains many nutrients and nutrients in it, so it is good for people who consume them. Well how now with you, want to try it not, if yes please create alone so that the results are satisfactory, there is the following recipe here.
How to Make Sweet Soy Beverage Sari Segar
Prepare a bucket to soak and clean the soy beans until https://www.detikresep.com/2015/08/resep-es-buah.html they are clean and ready, save approximately 6 hours
If so, please clean the skin of the beans until completely clean
Live input soybeans into the blender along with clean water, then belender soya beans until smooth then strain
Now pour the filter soy into the pot, then add other ingredients such as vanilla, sugar and pandan leaves
Stir all ingredients earlier and wait until cooked and boil
Lift and pour it in a glass of processed food.
Turn off the heat and soya ready to be enjoyed
It's easy not to make processed soymilk drinks, but if you want a more special dish please serve these beverages with the addition of ice cubes or you can put it into the refrigerator terlebihdulu, good luck.